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At the age of 16, Sammi won the TVB's New Talent singing contest back in 1988. Yet it wasn't until 1995, when Sammi changed her record label from Capital Artist to Warner Records, that her fame really took off. Since then, "Can't Let Go Of You" has gained symbolic value of her rise to popularity, and is now the finale song for all her concerts, from Hong Kong to North America.

Feel 100% of Sammi has undergone many changes since 1996. To accommodate the fresh and energetic personalities of Sammi, the image and look of Feel 100% of Sammi is constantly revised. We watched Sammi grow, mature, and improve as an artist over the years, and now in the year 2001, Feel 100% of Sammi will continue to provide Sammi's latest news, movies, and music to all her fans.

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