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Sammi "His & Hers" Concert
Mei Fei Se Wu in Taiwan

Place: Tai Chung & Taipei

Date: Dec. 9th & 16th, 2000


Sammi's first ever PRE-concert CD! In promotion of His & Hers Concert in Taiwan, fans got to vote what they want to hear through the Warner Music Taiwan's homapage. This CD is the collection of the result! Includes: His & Her's Theme ("Finale" in Mandarin) plus three songs that were originally recorded by other artists. This is the next best thing for those who can't make it to Taiwan! A Finale's VCD is included.

This is the first really large concert Sammi has ever held in Taiwan and over 10,000 tickets have sold the 1st week. Plus, 120,000 copies of the Mei Fei Se Wu pre-concert CD have also sold in Taiwan. Sammi said she was excited to perform in Taiwan and not afraid of competing with Faye Wong and Karen Mok because she feels her concert style is different. Also, she's worried about the weather because the concert is out-doors and there's a lot of dancing that would be miserable in the rain

About 20,000 audiences showed up for Sammi's His and Her's concert on 12/9/00 in Tai Chung. Warner had spend 1.2M HK dollars for all the costumes and stage effects for this show. Hong Kong's queen of pop, Sammi, performed one of the biggest concert in Taiwan's history.

The same mini-movie from Sammi I Concert was played throughout the concert. Sammi sang 28 songs (90% mandarin) and entertained the whole 150 mins. Sammi's hot topic at this concert was her butterfly-bra specially designed just for her! Special guest Taiwan singer Stephanie Yan Zi performed one song with Sammi on stage. Sammi also invited couple of audience to sing with her. After the concert, Sammi phoned her parents right away...and hope that they will make it to the Taipei's concert on the 16th.