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TVB Series - 1999

Starring: Sammi Cheng, Louis Koo, Jessica Hsuen, Rocky, Dao Dao

Police officier Rock (Koo), is a very careless officer. Many times, his partner in crime, Rocky the K-9, has to help out and save the day. During one crime scene, Rocky was in a fight and injured itself. It couldn't be a police dog anymore so Rock took it home as his own pet.

Neighbor Leung (Hseun) is a pet lover. She feels that Rock is a total irresponsible person when caring for pets. When her first pet, Dong Dong was missing, she knew for sure it was Rock's fault. When Leung found a stray named Dao Dao, it helped her somewhat to forget her first pet. Later, when Dao Dao and Rocky fell in love, the dogs had to suffer their owner's fighting and headaches as well.

Leung's best friend is Susan (Sammi), who later turned out to be Rock's landlord. During Susan's breakup with her old beau, Rock was always there to help out and comfort Susan. While enjoying his companion, they fell in love also. In the meantime, Susan got a promotion in her new job. Rock and Susan often argued over this new position. They broke up and Susan went oversea s to further her education.

While Susan was away, Rock helped Leung take care of stray animals. Their feelings have also develped for each other. When Susan came back one year later, she realized that she still had feelings for Rock. Which girl will Rock choose? Will Rocky and Dao Dao help out? Keep watching.....