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Shocking Pink is the all new Cantonese CD+VCD set, featuring both songs and MTVs of The Doctor and I and Forever Beautiful. They are beautifully written love ballads and both are the theme songs from the blockbuster movies that star Sammi. The dance number Shocking Pink featured in the album is yet another smash hit in town! Though she is busy with her acting business, Sammi would never leave her music fans empty-handed. | (July 2001) | Buy This CD
Sammi has always been a versatile artist who never lets her fans down, no matter in music or in movies. This time, she releases a new mandarin album Complete featuring the title track, Firing Glamour, plus the catchy and upbeat Unique, which is the theme from Taiwan's His & Hers coffee drink's commercial. | (May 2001) | Buy This CD
This AVCD soundtrack of the Chinese New Year's blockbuster Wu Yen contains a 2 tracks VCD and 8 audio songs from the movie!. Not to be miss at all! | (March 2001) | Buy This CD
Want to see queen of Canto-pop Sammi's blockbuster 1st Taiwan concert? Be sure to get her 2000 Taipei Concert CD/VCD. Now you can with this power-packed CD+VCD set featuring 12 hit songs and 13 scenes from her first ever concert in Taiwan! Be the first among your friends to get this awesome package! | (January 2001) | Buy This CD
The long-awaited Cantonese album of Sammi is released! Eleven tracks are contained in Love Is..., including How to Shed Tears, the pop-chart topping song. You also don't want to miss Tight and The Song Wrote By Chopin written by Candy Lo and Eason Chan which comes with the new release! VCD is also included. 2nd version includes soundtrack AVCD of Wu Yen. | (December 2000) | Buy This CD

Sammi's first ever PRE-concert CD! In promotion of His & Hers Concert in Taiwan, fans got to vote what they want to hear at the concert. This CD is the collection of the result! Includes: His & Her's Theme ("Finale" in Mandarin) plus three songs that were originally recorded by other artists. This is the next best thing for those who can't make it to Taiwan! A bonus VCD is included. | (November 2000) | Buy This CD

Sammi's latest Cantonese album, Ladies First (CD + VCD) not only contains the hit song "Along the Line of Emotion", the theme song to the film Needing You, it also boasts "Happy or Not" and "If We Dun See Each Other Again" , from Summer Holiday. This album will keep you smiling while it reminds of those two magical movies that starred Sammi and her memorable tunes! | (August 2000) | Buy This CD
After the success of "Love Stories", Sammi released her fourth mandarin album "To Love". She adopts an alternative ballad style this time, with the help of two talented female Taiwanese producers. Because of this all-female cast, Sammi is freer than ever to express what she feels. It's the album to encourage all women to bravely go forth and "to love!" | (May 2000) | Buy This CD

A great way to recap Sammi's greatest hits with TWO seperate compilations!

"Arigato" (Thank You) is cantonese and includes two new hits plus a four-track bonus VCD. "Love Story" is mandarin and includes one new hit plus 19 of Sammi's best mandarin songs. This is Sammi's very first mandarin compilation! | (December 1999) | Buy This CD

Just in time for her third concert, Sammi released cantonese album "Love So Much So Much". Sammi once again wears her long wig but it's not as fizzy/crazy as the one in "Crying Game"! =)

Bonus VCD includes MTV of "Hot and Bright" and footage from Sammi's Taiwan Live Concert. Plus, track 12 is a bonus mandarin song. | (September 1999) | Buy This CD

Time to renew her friendship with her well deserved fans in Taiwan! It's been months since Sammi's last mandarin album, but "I Deserved" proves that good things come to those who wait! With a kewl tattoo sticker, six neat polaroid pictures, and Sammi smiling healthily, what more can you ask for, right? Most of the tracks are very mellow... | (May 1999) | Buy This CD
"Sammi Cheng - Sound and Vision 47 Collections" includes 2 CDs and a VCD. What does Sammi think of ANOTHER compliation from Capital Artists? She said Capital Artists and her are still good friends and it's a good way to make some xtra money! | (January 1999) | Buy This CD
A new year! A new contract! A new CD!! Start your 1999 right by listening to some good music. "Listen To Sammi" will make you feel cozie all over. Just looking at the pictures in the CD will wanna make you pour yourself some hot chocolate. Included is a VCD of "Wish You Happy" plus a bonus track of "Wish You Happy" the mandarin version. | (January 1999) | Buy This CD


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