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What is Romaji?

An adopted word used to describe Japanese words written using the English alphabet. From the roots roman (for the Roman Alphabet), and ji, the Japanese word for character.

Since we're dealing with Sammi's songs here, let's just call it Chinese Romaji! For example, "How Are You?" would be "Nei Ho Mah?" A whole new way to read Sammi's lyrics for the non-Chinese readers! Now you can sing along to Samm's favorite tunes without going to Chinese school. Happy Singing!


On the Line of Emotion

Never Enough

Ladies First

If We Don't See Each other Again

Wish You Happy



If I Were You

How to Shed Tears

2nd Theme Song

2nd Theme Song (Mandarin)

Mutual/Tacit Agreement

My Pet

Firing Glamour



Forever Beautiful

Unacceptable Feelings

Shocking Pink


Owe Nothing

Happy or Not

Worth It

Can't Let Go


Ideal Lover

Loving You is my Life's Ideal

Crying Game

Love So Much So Much


Being Hot Being Bright

Reason for Being Heartbroken

Over the Border

One Last Time

How Come is this Wrong

Not Necessary

Ask Me

Doctor and I




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Got a minute? Please submit your very own Sammi romaji to us!

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