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Wu Yen

Starring: Sammi Cheng, Anita Mui & Cecilia Cheung
Released in January 2001

Thank you to my friend Helen for the story's translation!

China Star's Official Website

In Chai's Dynasty, King Chai (Anita) is considered to be a lazy and a perverted King. One day he was lost and got himself into a village where he met a beautiful Jung Wu Yen (Sammi), the leader of that village. The two fell in love at first sight and they sworned to one another. They were thought to be a perfect match but suddenly Wu Yen discovered she has a red mole on her face and scared the King away. All of this was a curse set by a wicked witch (Cecilia) to break them apart.

The wicked witch forced Wu Yen to fall in love with her or else she wouldn't take away the spell and leave her with the an ugly face. For Wu Yen, love is above all cost and more valuable than beauty. The brave Wu Yen refuse to surrender which made the wicked witch very upset. The witch decided to transform herself into a beautiful woman Ying Chun to seduce the King and at the same time she also transform herself into a man to get Wu Yen.

Unknowingly, the clumsy witch discovered that she not only fell in love with Mo Yim but also fell in love with the King at the same time. Not knowing whether or not to transform a man or a woman. She force herself to stand between the two people that were meant for each other.