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Feel 100%...Once More!

Sammi stars as the character named Yen. Although in the movie she seems very tomboyish and insensitive, Yen actually loves and cares about Marco very much. When she tries to go out with other guys, all she can think about is Marco. In addition, Yen was very sad when Gobby even stoled her best friends.

Sammi Cheng as Yen
Ekin Cheng as Marco
Eric Kwok as "Monster"
Gigi Leung as Emma
Tak Ming Cheung as "Sai Mun"
Suk Ching Yau as Gobby
Andy Hui as Alan

    After seven years of relationship, Marco's and Yen's feelings were beginning to to turn sour. During a trip to Japan, they had a huge arguement over something and they walked seperately. Marco then met Gobby, an actress/model from HK. The two got to know each other very well during the rest of the trip. When Marco went back to HK, Yen found out about Gobby and broke up with Marco. Gobby then became the live-in girlfriend of Marco. When Gobby found that she was dying from a brain tumor, she left Marco intentionally. Marco realized that his first love, Yen, has always been in his heart. Marco's and Yen's feelings has not change for each other. Marco and Yen met again in Japan.