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Sammi is currently promoting Needing You in Japan! Sammi is tying hard to learn more Japanese and widen her fans worldwide. " I would love to be in a movie with Takeshi Kaneshiro," said Sammi. " Since he speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese, it will be be very easy to work with communication wise" | (09/01)
It was back to work even right after Sammi's concert. Sammi was at the ceremony party as the newest spokesperson for Modern Beauty Salon. Many fans also came to celebrate with her. Sammi was in such a good mood that she took pictures with all her fans. | (09/01)

There was a celebration party for Sammi for finishing her Shocking Pink concert. Sammi had a different guest in each of her 12 shows. Her 1st guest was Andy Hui and Aaron Kwok was at the last show. Sammi was so touched by all her fans, she was shedding tears while singing Forever Beautiful.

At the party, Sammi finally got to eat since she has lost 10 lbs during the concert. Sammi ate ten raw oysters in one sitting! | (09/01)

Andy Hui gave a huge surprise to fans by being the special guest at Sammi's concert. Andy joked with Sammi but only hold hands and touched her shoulder a little. As compared to the big hugs at Sammi's previous concerts.

Andy sang a duet with Sammi called Will be Over, then sang a solo of his own hit Lend and Ear to say I love You. Watch for a complete review in our CONCERTS section coming soon! | (09/01)

Congratulations to Sammi on winning the title of Favorite Female Singer at the 933 Hits Awards in Singapore, the second year in a row! She was not able to attend the ceremony due to her Shocking Colors concert in HK.

Sammi once again shocked fans by her outrageous looks in her latest concert. This time contains more lavishing costumes, smoky eyes, and many wigs. Sammi also dressed up many outfits such as an evil witch, a dracula, and a Japanese doll. | (09/01)

Sammi will be wearing brand-name clothing for her upcoming concert. This is also the first time for Christian Dior to sponsor a concert in HK. Thus letting Sammi show off two of their runway outfits. In addition to Dior, Sammi will be wearing clothings from YSL, Givenchy, Jeremy Scott, Martine Sitbon, Miguel Adrover, and Jurgi Persoon. All of these clothing will enhance the theme of Sammi's concert, Crystal Tears.

Sammi is back to her skinny frame after gaining some weight. "That is to proof that the beauty salon that I endorsed works!" said Sammi. | (09/01)

Sammi was the guest of honor at the last show of Andy Lau's Summer Fiesta concert. Originally the two had planned to react a scene from Love on a Diet. But Sammi was worry about her skin being irritated again. So only Andy wore the the fat suit. Andy Lau was very touched by all this fans and guests, he cried some manly tears. | (09/01)

Sammi had just finished filming the MTV for Shocking Pink. She had originally wanted to dye her hair for this video. But she would had to bleach all her hair first in order to dye pink. So her stylist Billy decided to make a pink wig for Sammi made out of real hair. The result? Sammi loves it!

Sammi's Shocking Pink album has went plantium, selling over 100,000 copies. Warner had release a 2nd edition of the album with 2 additonal VCD videos. | (08/01)

Composer Fai Yeung Chan had just release his greatest piano hits collection. Sammi was personally involved in this project by performing the piano versions of Forever Beauty and How to Shed Tears. Sammi was delighted to work with Chan and took many goofy pix with him. Also in his collection were, Gigi Leung, Joey Yung, Eason Chan and Faye Wong.

Good luck to Sammi at the Singapore 933 Hits Awards. She will not attend the ceremony due to her personal concert in HK. | (08/01)

Happy 29th Birthday to Sammi! This year Andy and Sammi did not take the time to celebrate each other's birthdays. Sammi was very busy rehearsing for her upcoming concert on her birthday.

Many fans came to the coliseum to give Sammi presents and cake. Sammi was in a hurry for rehearsal and couldn't take the presents. Some fans became upset but they still waited until Sammi finished. After rehearsal, Sammi was happy to rec'd her presents and cake. Her assistant mentioned that Sammi had already celebrated with her family and dancers the night before. | (08/01)

Sammi did not attend Andy's Hui 34th birthday party. Many believed that this confirmed the end of their ten yrs relationship. During Andy's recent 903-ID mini concert, Andy was in tears when singing Love You. He refused to comment on anything relating about Sammi. When ask about his birthday wish, he wishes that his new song (coincidentally) titled Forget Who You Are will be top of the chart. | (08/01)

Sammi's Shocking Color Concert is confirmed for Sept. 7th - Sept. 14th. Sammi revealed that there will be crystals worth about $3 Mil HK for decorations. "I've always dream of my future wedding with many crystals. Since that is not happening soon, I'm gonna decorate my concert first!"

Sammi is in the process of gaining weight and being healthy. She wants to be muscular like Madonna. "I want to have six-packs abs...but I think two-packs will do!" Instead of having her concert's costumes custom made this time, Sammi went on a huge shopping spree in Paris recently. | (08/01)


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