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Fighting for Love

A romantic love comedy starring:

Sammi Cheng, Tony Leung, Nikki Chow

Released on 6/9/01

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The first meeting between Tung Choi (Tony) and Siu Tong (Sammi) started from a car accident. Tung Choi owns a Chinese style noodle restaurant in Mong Kok, which has established for over 30 years with all the characters of a smart man. Siu-tong, a pretty girl who has worked for the management of a toy factory for 9 years, but don't realize that she is a girl taking controlling others as granted. She even has a habit to make a staff cries per day.

The two exhanged phone numbers so they can figure out the damages of the cars. Later, they met each other for compensation of the traffic accident. However, they don't realise that all their relatives are good friends of another side's relatives, which makes the whole meeting becomes a karaoke gathering. Siu Tong, who got drunk during the gathering lost her control and showed her desire of sex. One thing led to another, they ended up having one night stand.

Siu Tong never really got along with her dad. One day after an huge argument, Siu Tong ran away from home. She ended up in the hospital and coinsidently Tung Choi was there. Siu Tong lied to Tung Choi that she was on her way to get an abortion. This gave Tung Choi a big shock since he thought she was pregnant with his child. Tung Choi offered Siu Tong to stayed at his place temporary. Around same time, Tung Choi's ex-girlfriend (Nikki) came back to the picture....








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