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The Lucky Guy
"Lucky Cafe" is famous for its eggtarts and tea with milk. The owner of the restuaurant wants to pass this tradition to his only son, Nam (Daniel Chan). Nam rather goes to McDonalds, and he have much better things to do than run a cafe. The son and the father frequently have arugments because of this issue. The cafe's waiter, Ah Sui (Steven Chow), always find ways to make peace between them.
Nam and Ah Fuk (Eric Kwok) sees Ah Sui as a stud, "Price of Eggtart". They always ask him on advice on how to get dates with pretty girls. One day Ah Sui got injured and had to go to hospital for anti-rabies treatment. There he met the girl of his dream, Candy (Sammi Cheng) who's a nurse. Candy was Ah Sui's first true love back in high school. Yet Candy will never forget the embarrasssing incident that Ah Sui did to her. She pretend to go out with him only to get revenge. In order to get closer to Candy, Ah Sui kept going back to the hospital to get more treatment shots.

Meanwhile, Ah Fuk also got lucky with a girl named Fanny (Kristy Yang). Fanny is a secretary at a tai kwon do center. Nam also get to know Fong Fong (Su Kay), a rich girl who ran away from home.

While all these is happening, the cafe itself is not doing so well. The landlord is increasing rent by high percentage. There's also rumor that they are tearing down the old cafe to build business buildings. Ah Sui and Ah Fuk must find way to save the "Lucky Cafe"!