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Shocking Colors

Place: Hong Kong's Hom Hom Coliesum

Date: Sept. 7 - 14, 2001

Thank you to Fried Rice for the concert poster pix!


Sammi wore brand-name clothing for her Shocking Pink concert. This is also the first time for Christian Dior to sponsor a concert in HK. Thus letting Sammi showed off two of their runway outfits. In addition to Dior, Sammi wore clothings from YSL, Gucci, Givenchy, Jeremy Scott, Martine Sitbon, Miguel Adrover, and Jurgi Persoon. All of these clothing enhanced the theme of Sammi's concert, Crystal Tears.


Sammi once again shocked fans by her outrageous looks at this concert. This time with more lavishing costumes, smoky eyes, and different wigs. Sammi also dressed up in many outfits such as an evil witch, a dracula, and a Japanese doll