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Sammi Star Show (1997)

It is officially confirmed! =) Sammi will once again have a concert titled Sammi Star Show at the Hong Kong Hum Hom Collisium from November 1st thru November 8th. Eight additional shows are already confirmed also. That means the concert will run till the 16th. All the proceeds from the last show will benefit a local charity.

This will be Sammi's second concert in less than one year! The only other singer who had done that is Leon Lai. This time, Sammi will have starry eye brows instead of the Nike like last year. She had already lost a few pounds in preparation for this concert. Fans in Hong Kong are in luck again! =)

Sammi has been excercising about nine hours a day in preparation for the concert. Waking up about 7am each day, she eats about four eggs for breakfast, lifting weights for her muscles, papaya milk for lunch, and practiced like crazy in her dance rountines! And for dinner, she only eats pure veggies. What a diet plan! As of 10/31/97, Sammi had inputted 350 hours in workout, exercise, and rehearsals. She is already one size down in clothing. Many fans were worried about Sammi's health also. The day before the concert started, Sammi went to see a doctor for a final checkup.


Sammi Star Show's opening night was a huge success! Sammi wore 11 sexy outfits and dances outrageously. Those outfits includes: bra-top, bare back top, see-through top, and even a "leaf". Although her health was a major concern, everything went smoothly. Her family and good pal Andy Hui also came to the first show. Yet Andy was too shy to take any pictures when reporters approached him. =)