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X-Dimension (1996)
鄭秀文 X 空間演唱會


The wait is over!? "Sammi Cheng: X-Dimension" is the title of Sammi's first concert. It was held at the Hung Hom Coliseum, Hong Kong, from Nov 10th-Nov 17th. Rumors said that there were still 17 tickets left. Even if the rumor was true, this was a very good record for Sammi's first concert.


Sammi had urged all her fans to come to the concert on time. That way, they wouldn't miss the movie segment in the beginning. The short movie contains some of Sammi's oldest pictures. During the concert, she changed into thirteen different oufits. One of the outfits is a cone-bra top. ( Remember Madonna's Blond Ambition?) With the help of eight dressers, Sammi changed into those outfits in speedy minutes!

Many fans and supporters came to the concert including her family and Sammi's old pal Andy. What's sad was that Sammi's grandmother passed away just two days before her first concert performance. This made Sammi lost concentration during rehearsals. Yet her concert turned out to be a huge success! Sammi also had to dance very carefully since her clothes are so revealing. During Chotto Wait Wait her zipper even came loose. Sammi had to turned away from the audience to fix it. She also sang her new melody Mutual. Afterwards, Andy came back stage and gave Sammi a big friend sweet...