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Sammi from 1997 - 1998

It's been approx nine months since Sammi released an album due to her world tour. "Feel So Good" is the long waited cantonese album! Also comes with picture stickers and VCD of "Ideal Partner". (What a bright idea!^_^) In addition, a taste of Sammi's first English song! A love duet with US R&B group All-4-One called "I Cross My Heart". She looks so relaxed in the pix, I wonder where it is? | (August 1998)
As long as Sammi stays popular the way she is right now, she will never get away from Capital Artists. Her previous record company released yet another compilation of Sammi's old tunes. "90/95 Dear Sammi Compiliation" also includes a VCD. It's good to re-listen some of Sammi's classic tunes. Like she said, without her past, she wouldn't be who she is today. | (August 1998)
Sammi's second Warner compilation 華納超級品音色系列 - 鄭秀文 精選17首(Sammi's 24k Gold Master Sonics 17 Songs Collection). Although there are no new songs, it's better than taping your own cassette version. Songs up to "Life's Language" are included here. | (March 1998)
Did you miss the Sammi Cheng Star Show? Now you can listen and sing to Sammi's second concert. This album contains two cds and includes 24 songs. Sammi danced through many fast track medleys also. VCD and LD are available. In my opinion, this concert is better than Sammi's first. =) | (January 1998)
Wish upon a star and rise to stardom, because everybody is a Superstar! And of course especially Sammi. =D "Life's Language" 生活語言 is out just in time for Sammi's 1997 concert. Fans in Hong Kong got the first chance to experience songs from this CD live. A song called "III" is especially interesting. | (October 1997)
With the success and popularity of Sammi, Capital Artists released "Made in Heaven - Andy Hui luvs Sammi Cheng". It contains all the popular dance mix songs from Andy and Sammi while they were with their previous record company. | (October 1997)
我們的主題曲 "Our Title Song" is the newly awaited cantonese album from Sammi. It contains 4 songs from the summer hit movie with Leon Lai. And lotsa sexy pix of Sammi! Ohhhhhh! Track #7 is originally in mandarin. VCD and LD also available under the same cover. | (July 1997)
In celebration of 1 million copies sold of 為你等 and 值得 in Taiwan, a new cover version of "Wait Because of You" was released. This includes Sammi's second mandarin CD and a bonus VCD. The VCD contains "X派對 " and "承諾 ". | (May 1997)
With the success of "Worth It", Sammi is on the roll with her mandarin album! Her second mandarin album is "Wait Because of You" 為你等 . There are 12 tracks in this CD. The mandarin/passion version of 默契 and 捨不得你 are a kick for your ears.
The latest in Sammi's compliation! 華納超級品音色系列 - 鄭秀文 精選17首(Sammi's 24k Gold Master Sonics 17 Songs Collection) is not to be missed! =) The best music ever since Sammi joined Warner are all included here.
If you've missed Sammi's concert (like me), then "Sammi X Live 96" will be the next best thing. It contains two cds with music from both Warner Records and Capital Artist. LD and VCD are also available. | (February 1997)
The theme and cover of 濃情 (Strong Passion) is the same as Sammi's 1996 concert, "X-Dimension". My favorite track in the the album is 默契 (Mutual). There is also a duet with Sally Yeh in track 10. | (November 1996)
It's about time.....(again) 是時候@不要新舊對照35首is a compilation album that is + . I'm sure all Sammi fan's would have those two already. It's selling pretty cheap here...around $18US.
Sammi's very first mandarin album is titled 值得. The album contains 12 songs, including 5 tracks that were originally cantonese. A definite "Worth It" buy!


放不低 is Sammi's second album from Warner Music. It contains 10 songs, including 3 hits for the movie "Feel 100%". The title song was played in the Panasonic commercial. Sammi also performed live at Universal Studios Hollywood, singing "Can't Let Go" and "Beware of Woman". | (June 1995)
The first mega album after changing to Warner Music is 捨不得你. During this period Sammi colored her hair back to her natural roots.


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